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Anthos A6 Plus
Dental Chair

Anthos A6 Plus

The Anthos A6 Plus is an intelligently designed, stylish dental chair packed with functionality to aid your practice, including a cutting-edge x-ray system allowing for live diagnosis, 19” LED monitor, intraoral video cameras and much more. Its soft, reinforced upholstery and anatomically shaped padding provide exceptional comfort and support for you patient, and the chair’s shape provides unhindered access to the operating zone.

Multiple versions

The Anthos A6 Plus comes in two versions: Continental and International

Colour options

Choose from a variety of colour schemes to match your dental surgery

Real-time diagnosis

The Zen-X sensor and LCD control panel is always at your disposal, allowing you to capture images and immediately diagnose your patient

Choice of backrests

Choose between a wide, comfortable backrest or a more compact version for increased access to the patient

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