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Perio Charting
Florida Probe
Increase productivity and improve
diagnostic accuracy with Florida Probe,
the all-in-one computerised assistant
for your practice

Florida Probe

Florida probe is a computerised system consisting of a probe, footswitch and periodontal charting software, designed to increase office productivity, improve the accuracy of your diagnoses and increase the patient acceptance rates of your practice.

Thanks to Florida Probe’s automatic charting system, only one examiner is required to perform a periodontal exam, increasing productivity by freeing up time for staff to work on other areas of the practice.
When performing a periodontal exam, the level of force used can vary between examiners, causing different readings for the same patient and resulting in an inaccurate diagnosis.

Florida Probe solves this problem by applying constant force with a precision of 0.2mm, ensuring consistent measurements and accurate diagnoses between examiners.

The Florida Probe has been one of the best technological investments we have ever made. The consistent accuracy of this instrument has made it invaluable to our practice. Treatment acceptance has been greatly enhanced
because of the Florida Probe.
Tom M. McDougal, D.D.S.

Estimating pocket depth by reading the thin bands on a regular periodontal probe can be challenging. Florida Probe’s automatic charting system makes the process so much easier.

Simply bring the blue sleeve of the handpiece down to the gingival margin, tap the footswitch and your numerical data is immediately recorded onto the system.
The exam can be customized to record all or some of the following information: dentition, medical history, risk assessment, recession and hyperplasia, gingival attachment, pocket depth, bleeding, suppuration, furcation, plaque, mobility, MGJ, and diagnosis.

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