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Diagnose your patients quickly, safely and more
accurately with sharp, high quality digital images
CDRelite’s Advanced
CMOS APS Technology

With CDRelite’s advanced CMOS APS technology, only one take
is required to deliver sharp, high-resolution images with low
noise, reducing the need for retakes and allowing you
to diagnose your patients more accurately.

Monitor displaying the FONA CDRelite's advanced CMOS APS technology
Safer and
More Efficient
The FONA CDRelite sensor delivers high quality images faster and more safely than conventional methods.

Once taken, the digital images are sent directly to your computer screen and are immediately available to view, thereby reducing waiting times and eliminating the need for any harmful processing chemicals.
DIY Cable
If your cable becomes damaged, there’s no need to send it away for repair.

FONA CDRelite’s unique removable cable technology allows you to simply remove the damaged cable and plug in a new one, ensuring no lost productivity for your practice.

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