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inEos X5

Redefine your standards of outstanding accuracy and speed: Primescan enables all kinds of treatment, from single tooth to full arch. With Primescan intraoral scanning is now more accurate, faster and easier than ever before.

One scanner. All options.

The inEos X5 was developed according to the highest quality standards for optical measuring systems. It has quickly become established on the market as the reference scanner. The inEos X5 ensures the greatest accuracy for all digitisation work of interest to the dental technician.

  • Intelligent scanning technology: with its robot arm, unique 5-axis scanning technology and large working area

  • Outstanding accuracy and highest depth of field

  • Clear software interface and intuitive operation result in digital models with just a few clicks

inEos X5


Detailed mirroring of real situations, from the palate to the tip of the scanbody – due to its accuracy of 2.1 µm.


All scanning tasks are carried out with extreme reliability.


With flexible positioning of impressions, singular or articulated models, inEos X5 guarantees the greatest possible freedom for dental applications.


STL data export for a free choice of design and production components


The large operating range allows positioning of most common articulators and gives fast, unobstructed access to the scan object.

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