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inLab CAD Software

Digital Design with inLab

The inLab CAD Software focuses closely on the requirements of dental laboratories. As a stand-alone CAD component, the application can be used independently from scanners and production units. Furthermore, inLab Software is better integrated into the digital workflow between practice and laboratory than ever before. It also links CAD/CAM processes between different inLab laboratories, using Connect Case Center.

cam 20.PNG

Independent software for dental design

The new inLab CAD Software is even more closely aligned with the requirements of CAD/CAM systems in the dental laboratory.


As a separate CAD component, the software is independent of the scanning and production unit. inLab CAD Software accommodates need-based indications with its optimised design processes and user-friendly interface.

Modular and individual

Three design modules for individual configuration of prosthetic indications.

Intuitive and familiar

Typical dental tools for virtual restoration design.

Open and economical

STL compatible and no counting dongle, no need to update, no expiration date, no annual license fee.

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