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This is a multi functional range of seating, providing a solution for most needs within theatres and clinical areas

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This model is designed for the patient. It has a large seat pad and back rest and is fitted with secure arms. The arms are shortened and shaped downwards to enable the chair to be pushed under a table without the patient’s hands or arms being trapped under the table.



A quality stool which is reasonably priced, the Luna carries a 2 year guarantee


Entry level stool range, offering a synchronised tilt facility for the seat pad and backrest. This means that the operative can adjust the tilt of both seat pad and back rest with one handle. This chair can be fitted with adjustable arms


Murray Saddles

Saddle seats help to maintain an upright posture when seated. Feet are placed flat on the floor at a greater width than possible with conventional seating. The weight of the legs is taken through the feet, the upper body is stabilised

accordingly. The pelvis is held securely in a neutral position



The Zodiac range is a round stool with a unique shaped back rest which acts as a lumber support, or arm rest, however, it is not, a swing around back. The back rest adjusts for depth, making it ideal for use, as a torso butt.



The posture range has been designed for the operative who needs to work close to the patient. The front edge of the seat has been cut away to encourage the legs to drop sideways rather than reaching forward. Whilst this range is likened to the saddle seat, it is not as harsh, therefore providing broader appeal.


Five Star

The five star range has a double curvature seat pad, which is longer than that of the rest of our range, this gives greater support under the thigh. It has exactly the same chassis as the ADV-GT which provides a fully adjustable back rest and seat tilt facility



The new Capricorn from Murray’s has been designed to give full support for body and spine in a sedentary position for dentist and dental nurse.

It has seamless upholstery and all mechanical parts are encased in a durable plastic shell for hygiene. The stool features an adjustable seat and back tilt, with a ratchet style back height adjustment. An excellent stool for the dental team.