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Hyperion X5
Produce crystal clear images extremely
quickly whilst maintaining very low
doses of radiation

Hyperion X5

The MyRay Hyperion X5 is the world’s smallest suspended 2D/3D system, capable of producing crystal clear images extremely quickly, whilst maintaining very low doses of radiation.

iRYS Imaging
iRYS is the simple, user-friendly, advanced imaging software that’s built-in to the Hyperion X5.

Filters such as 2D PiE and 3D SMART can be applied to your images to make them even sharper, giving more clarity and increasing the accuracy of your diagnoses.

You will also be equipped with a library of powerful preloaded functions to help you diagnose and plan treatments, such as multi-layer panoramic images, realistic 3D rendering of anatomical structures, bone quality assessment, implant simulation and much more.

Multi-Desktop management allows images to be browsed quickly and shared with patients, allowing for more engagement and increased acceptance rates.

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3D MultiFOV
Choose whether you would like to perform a single scan of the entire dentition or a more concentrated scan which reduces the exposure to only the region of interest.

The MultiFOV feature adapts the X-ray dose and field of view depending on the patient’s specific build and requirements, from a minimum of 6x6cm to a maximum of 10x10cm.

Easy Installation

The Hyperion X5 can easily be mounted on the floor, or any wall suitable for housing an intraoral X-ray system. Its compact size allows for optimal use of space and ensures a perfect fit in any dental practice.

2D Focus-Free System

With the patented Morphology Recognition Technology and automatic best focussing selection system, one-click PAN examinations become faster and more accurate than ever before.

Improved Diagnostics

Fast data processing allows you to diagnose your patients in real-time, reducing waiting times, improving the efficiency of your workflow and improving the level of communication with your patients.

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