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Hyperion X9
Expand the diagnostic capabilities of your practice and
make your examinations more accurate, more
efficient and safer for you patients.

Hyperion X9

The MyRay Hyperion X9 is an all-in-one hybrid-imaging unit, capable of performing 39 different examinations in both 2D and 3D space. With a dynamic field of view, automatic alignment of the detectors and an extremely low radiation dose, the Hyperion X9 makes your practice more accurate, more efficient and safer for your patients.

With Cone Beam 3D technology, a single scan generates a high definition 3D image in a matter of seconds, enabling you to view the entire dentition from every angle.

This allows for more accurate diagnoses, better treatment planning and fewer risks when treating the patient.
Imaging Unit
The Cephalometric X-ray’s dedicated programs allow you to choose from a full range of teleradiographic images, expanding your clinic’s range of available treatments by giving you the tools to diagnose even the most complex of cases.

The Hyperion X9’s modular design allows for the PAN/CEPH detector to be relocated, increasing ergonomics and giving you the flexibility to personalise your unit to suit your working style.

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Field of View
The Hyperion X9 offers an innovative dynamic field of view, helping to reduce the dose of radiation by capturing only the anatomical region required.

The Extended View function gives you the ability to extend beyond the standard 11cm diameter, allowing a field of view of up to 13cm in height, perfectly optimised for upper jaw, lower jaw and maxillary sinus scans.
Imaging Unit
With the dedicated 2D sensor and advanced kinematics, you can obtain exceptional, high definition panoramic images with ease and perform a multitude of scans, including orthogonal projections of the dentition, bitewing X-rays and mutli-angle views of the temporomandibular joints.

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