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NOMAD Pro 2™
Spend more time with your patients and produce faster,
clearer and more precise images in just one take
What is the NOMAD Pro 2™?

The Nomad Pro 2 is a lightweight, portable handheld X-ray, which
enables operators to stay in the room whilst taking X-rays, making
the image acquisition process faster, more efficient and more comfortable for the patient

Stay with
Your Patients
Walking in and out of the room to activate X-rays is impersonal, impractical and inefficient. Patients can move and the X-ray arm can drift, causing blurred images and repeated retakes.

The Nomad Pro 2 Handheld X-ray solves these issues by allowing you to stay with your patient throughout the X-ray process, producing faster; clearer and more precise images in just one take.
Clear Images
Although the NOMAD Pro 2™ was specifically designed for digital sensors; traditional film and phosphor plates produce the same outstanding results.

The 0.4mm focal spot produces sharp, high-resolution images, increasing the efficiency of your practice by drastically reducing the need for retakes.
No Costly
The NOMAD Pro 2™ works straight out of the box, so there’s no need for costly installation, special cabinetry, renovation or rewiring before you’re able to use it.

Simply charge the battery, turn it on and you’re ready to start taking X-rays.
The NOMAD Pro 2™ is trusted by
0,000+ dentists worldwide
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Two rechargeable batteries are included with the Nomad Pro 2, with each battery capable of producing hundreds of high-quality diagnostic images from a single charge.

The included charging cradle allows you to keep one battery charging whilst the other is in use, ensuring seamless operation with zero downtime.
No Training
With its lightweight, handheld design, intuitive user interface and simple touchscreen controls, the NOMAD Pro 2™ is so easy to use.

Exposure times can be adjusted quickly and custom exposure settings can be saved for future use, making the X-ray procedure much more efficient and ensuring a faster patient turnaround.
Safe For You
& Your Patients
Safety for the X-ray operator is paramount, which is why the Nomad Pro 2 comes with a built-in backscatter shield to protect the operator from direct and scattered radiation.

Studies show that radiation exposure from the Nomad Pro 2 is equivalent to or less than that of a typical wall-mounted X-ray.
Wall-mounted X-ray Nomad Pro 2™
Serves multiple operatories with a single unit
Works straight out of the box with no installation needed
Portable, allowing X-rays to be taken anywhere
Operator can safely stay with the patient during X-rays
Cordless, for easier maneuverability and portability
Lightweight, no motion artifacts, blur-free radiographs
Special non-oil shielding - will never leak

Watch the NOMAD Pro 2™
Video Overview

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