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Schick 33
Diagnose patients more accurately and substantially
improve your patient acceptance rates

Schick 33

Schick 33 is the most advanced intraoral digital sensor in the dental industry. With a theoretical resolution of 33 line pairs per millimetre and a powerful Image Enhancement System, Schick 33 produces crystal clear X-ray images faster, more safely and more efficiently than conventional methods, allowing you to diagnose your patients with greater accuracy and substantially improve your patient acceptance rates.

Introducing Schick 33's
Image Enhancement System

Once an image has been taken, it’s instantly transferred over to Schick 33’s powerful Image Enhancement System, ready for your diagnosis.

Here, the sharpness of the image can be digitally adjusted according to the patient’s situation or to your own personal preference, allowing you to identify defects as quickly and accurately as possible.

Pre-sets for general dentistry, endodontics, periodontics and restorative dentistry come pre-installed with the system, and custom settings can be created, saved and shared amongst colleagues to save time and increase patient turnaround.

Safer and
More Efficient
When compared to conventional dental film, the Schick 33 digital sensor requires up to 90% less radiation from the X-ray generator to expose the image, thereby increasing efficiency whilst minimising patient health risks.

The images are digital and immediately available to view, making the X-ray process much faster and safer by reducing waiting times and eliminating the need for any harmful processing chemicals.
No two patients are the same, which is why Schick 33 offers a range of equipment options to choose from, enabling you to cater for your patient’s needs with the most appropriate technology.

With 3 sensor sizes, varying cable lengths and the choice of WiFi or USB connectivity, Schick 33 provides you with the equipment that you need for any situation.
DIY Cable
Cable replacement is quick, cheap and you can do it yourself. With Schick 33’s patented DIY Cable Replacement System, there’s no need to send your sensor away for repair.

Simply remove the old cable and snap a new one into place. A spare cable is included with the Schick 33, ensuring no lost productivity should a cable become damaged.
The Schick 33 sensors give us far greater detail. I see things with these sensors that I would not have seen before. It's amazing! The clarity and detail that I get with the Schick 33 is far better than any of the other sensors that I have evaluated.
Dr. Tony Hewlett, DDS
Schick 33’s cables are encased in durable silicone and reinforced with Kevlar to significantly reduce the risk of wire damage, which can cause the sensor to malfunction.
Schick 33 integrates seamlessly with a range of practice management programs, allowing you to easily upgrade your equipment without having to change your whole system.
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