Xios Scan

The Xios Scan allows smooth entry into the world of digital X-rays, while allowing your team to continue with their regular day to day operations. Not only does imaging plate technology open up a number of possibilities for your practice, but it also allows you to eliminate the need for a dark room and chemicals, freeing up valuable space and time. Converting from film to digital has never been so simple.

Outstanding image quality for efficient diagnosis

Xios Scan works works with plates specifically designed for the scanner, achieving a resolution of 22 lp/mm

Select the plate size to fit your patient and the clinical case, or easily generate a series of images. In order to distinguish the active plate side, it features a blue backing.

Scanning without scratches

The Xios Scan eliminates mechanical pressure load during the initial insertion of the plate, which helps to prevent any unnecessary damage to the plates during processing and supports longevity and durability

Smart software integration for high ease of use

All relevant settings are implemented first in Sidexis 4, and the scanning process itself starts automatically when an imaging plate is placed in the scanner

Fast aquisition for ultimate chairside imaging

The high quality images are proceessed within seconds



By integrating your X-ray generator and sensors with your treatment center you can truly leverage the concept of complete chairside dentistry

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