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MyRay 3Di IOS

With 3Di IOS, you can, at last, easily perform a precise intraoral examination that’s pleasant for the patient and advantageous for the dental surgery.

At just 150 grams, it’s one of the lightest intraoral scanners on the market.

MyRay 3Di Intraoral Scanner


POWDER FREE 3Di IOS is completely Powder Free. Active Stereo Imaging technology eliminates the distortions produced by reflective surfaces, thus avoiding use of tiresome powders.


COLOUR SCANNING The final 3D model is displayed in real time simply by pressing the on/off switch on the handpiece. Colours are realistic and images highly detailed, ensuring optimal interpretation of the site of interest.


2D VIDEO CAMERA You can also use 3Di IOS as an intraoral video camera to capture and save 2D images. As scans are being made, it’s also possible to take HD 2D photos.


STABILITY/PORTABILITY Easy to move, the base can be placed on any support surface. Careful design ensures stability and puts the handpiece within comfortable reach.

USB 3.0 The USB 3.0 port allows connection both workstation and notebook. AN ADVANTAGEOUS INVESTMENT 3Di IOS guarantees a high return on investment, combining ultra-innovative technology with affordability. In addition to doing away with the need for impression materials and saving time, it also enhances customer satisfaction.

CLEAR-CUT COSTS 3Di IOS purchasers make just one up-front payment; no license renewal fees, no scan fees, no extra costs. OPEN SYSTEM 3Di IOS scan files can be exported in three different formats. The most commonly used and universal STL, PLY and OBJ which also contains information on colour texture.

MyRay 3Di Intraoral Scanner

AUTOCLAVABLE TIP Comes with 3 autoclavable tips with a lifespan of 100 cycles (134°/4 minutes)


SCAN KEY A single on-handpiece key to start and stop the scan without having to use the computer.

STABLE BASE A single, strong, stable base. On cabinet and drawer unit surfaces or directly on the dental unit module, the handpiece is always housed in a safe, ergonomic position.

ANTI-FOGGING SYSTEM A ventilation circuit on the handpiece stops the prizm fogging up

360° ADJUSTABLE TIP Lets users maintain the correct grip when switching between Upper Arch and Lower Arch.


3Di IOS Fields Of Application

3Di IOS covers numerous treatment areas, from orthodontics to implantology.

Real-time interaction with the dental technician’s lab - with the patient still in the chair - lets you plan out the best project strategy.

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