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Acteon C50

All you need to see at your fingertips


Full HD - Clear and detailed images

  • A more confident final diagnostic

  • Increased case acceptance

Vision Mode - Transcript of natural colours

  • Straight-forward patient education

  • Great for comparing teeth stain and sharing with patients

Auto Focus - Work faster and with better image clarity

  • Ease of use for the clinician

  • Improved patient comfort


Fully compatible with Twain, DICOM, Windows, AIS and Mac software

Empowering you to focus on what matters the most: Your patients

  • Increase treatment acceptance - Patients become more involved as they quickly understand the importance of suggested treatment

  • Improved patient communication - Highlight pathologies and explain clinical procedures easily.  Facilitate dialogue to address objections and patient concerns

  • Confident patient relationship - Provide effective treatment planning by saving the images directly in the patient record.  Easily compare images from previous patient visits and monitor progress

Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 16.15.42.png
Daylight+ Mode.png

Daylight mode

Record of natural colours for a better interpretation of tooth shade, pathology identification and patient follow-up.  Daylight+ mode enables a high contrast, emphasizing anatomic fissures and details of the dentin structure and depth

Perio mode

Enhancement of dental plaque and gingival inflammation, thanks to chromatic amplification

Perio Mode.png
Cario Mode.png

Caries detection by fluorescence technique by LEDs

Cario Mode

Intraoral mode

Daily dentistry follow-up - Daylight or Diagnostic aid modes help you visualise anatomical details that are invisible to the naked eye or with a mirror, so you can see the difference between before and after care

Intraoral Mode.png
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