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BIOLASE Waterlase iPlus

Waterlase iPlus is the market’s best-selling and most advanced all-tissue laser. This minimally invasive dental laser system features expanded and enhanced capabilities such as REPAIR protocols to give your patients the best possible experience, and give your practice an opportunity for practice growth.

Waterlase Dental Lasers

These all-tissue laser treat soft-tissue & hard-tissue (teeth & bone). 

Truly amazing lasers that remove diseased tissue for periodontic needs (gum disease), peri-implantitis or endodontics (root canal) with outstanding results that save more teeth.

Waterlase dentistry is one of the most advanced dental treatments today. This premium all-tissue laser uses a unique patented combination of laser energy and water spray and can perform many procedures without an injection or a drill, hence it being perfect for paediatric dentistry and kids of all ages. Waterlase dentistry is used for  cavities, oral  surgery and mouth sores, repair  treatment for gum  disease and  peri-implantitis, excellent endodontic cleaning and disinfection. Waterlase is highly recommended for modern dental treatments, and especially for anxious dental patients.

High Powered Waterlase iPlus (larger Waterlase) a.k.a. "The Ferrari of Dental Lasers" features more power when needed to get through tougher enamel. Find a Waterlase Dentist.

Lasers  for use in dermatology, ophthalmology and cosmetics have been around  for years and so has the Waterlase dental laser, but is a patented laser technology using "Hydrophotonics". Waterlase is cleared  for numerous dental applications which can be performed on both pediatric and adult patients. Waterlase Dentistry is one of the most  advanced dental treatments available today. Waterlase uses a patented  technology that combines focused light energy with a gentle spray of  water for a highly precise, exceptionally gentle dental experience.  Waterlase Dentistry allows dentists to perform a wide range of  procedures with the following benefits.

Waterlase benefits:

  • Virtually Painless, More Natural Dentistry*

  • Accuracy & Precision

  • Reduced Trauma

  • Less Bleeding & Swelling

  • Fewer Dental Visits

  • Versatility

Resolve Daily Clinical Challenges

Every day, you face numerous clinical challenges – from controlling bleeding, managing impinged tissue, accessing decay in tough-to-reach proximal surface. Fortunately, Waterlase iPlus offers you complete versatility across all tissue types, and the ability to swap from one procedure to the next effortlessly.


Supreme Patient Comfort and Results

Waterlase iPlus is engineered to provide a refreshing, comfortable patient experience when compared to traditional tools such as needles, drills and scalpels. In an age where patient satisfaction is communicated in public ways, your practice needs the best, most comfortable options available.

Pre-Set Procedures and Protocols

Waterlase iPlus is cleared for over 80 different indications for soft tissue, hard tissue, and bone – more than any other dental laser! Waterlase iPlus leads to improved results by empowering you and your team to offer patients the best possible dental experience with single-visit, multi-quadrant, minimally invasive dentistry.


Flexible, Reliable, Proven Technology

With more than 15,000 dental offices around the world deploying Waterlase technology, the system is reliable, durable and flexible for almost any dental practice or specialty office.

Loved by children

For children, going to the dentist can be particularly frightening. Adding to this problem is not only their fear of the dentist’s drill, but also of the shots that go along with many procedures. The time it takes to calm children, administer the anesthetic, wait for it to take effect and begin the work makes dental visits quite an ordeal. Fortunately, new developments in dentistry are making many of these issues a thing of the past. The introduction of dental lasers will change the way you and your child feel about going to the dentist.  WaterLase “drill-less” dentistry is a procedure that can greatly reduce or eliminate much of what you fear most about dental work. In most cases, the dental laser requires no anesthetic, which means no shots. And it works just as quickly and effectively as the drill for removing tooth decay.

The WaterLase filling is safe, gentle and effective. Many young patients who have experienced this procedure reported little to no pain or real discomfort. In addition to being more comfortable, dental lasers often allow patients to resume normal activities after their visits. This means you may be able to eat right away, and go about your day without the residual swelling and numbness you would normally experience.  WaterLase dental lasers use water to help remove decay from the teeth. This combination is as powerful as the drill. Another advantage to this method versus the standard drill is that even when treating a child who may squirm or move, there is less risk of cutting or otherwise injuring the mouth.

What is your favourite colour?

Waterlase iPlus is available in 11 different colours and a collection of unique themed finishes. No matter your practice décor, there is a version of  Waterlase iPlus that will complement your operatory nicely. Choose your Waterlase colour that will be the subject of much "Wow" talk and  referrals by your patients. Stop wasting time and become a Waterlase Dentist today!

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