SiroLaser Blue

The SiroLaser Blue is the first dental diode laser worldwide with a blue, infrared and red wavelength. This makes it an all-rounder for dental laser treatment.

Blue wavelength – 445 nm

The first Blue Laser for dental use. Blue laser light has a much higher absorbtion in soft-tissue (i.e. hemoglobin and melanin) than conventional infrared diode laser wavelengths (810nm, 940nm, 970nm).


This leads to a much improved soft-tissue cutting efficiency which allows non-contact cutting, a first in dentistry for diode lasers. No fiber initiation is required and non-contact cutting means there is no need to remove tissue residue from the fiber during treatment. Due to the high degree of absorption in hemoglobin, the hemostatic effect is outstanding, helping during all surgical treatments, as well as within CAD/CAM workflow

Infrared wavelength – 970 nm



In the event that a cable gets damaged, you can change it completely in-house and within minutes. Replacing cables is as simple as loosening two screws, saving time and guaranteeing no lost productivity while protecting your investment

Robust design and security of investment

Premium materials, high-standard production processes and a durable design engineered and tested to withstand years of regular daily use ensuring a long product life cycle and continuous support in your practice

Fast aquisition for ultimate chairside imaging

The high quality images are proceessed within seconds



By integrating your X-ray generator and sensors with your treatment center you can truly leverage the concept of complete chairside dentistry

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