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Clark Dental Sales Webinars

Clark Dental Sales webinars enable members both in the UK and overseas to engage in topical debate within the dental profession and also provides a valuable forum for advice, anytime, anywhere.  

If you have any queries or would like us to cover any particular topics, please get in touch with our team

Practical Occlusion Tips.jpg

Dr Ash Parmar & Dr Robert Kerstein

Practical Occlusion Tips


Dr Ash Parmar - T-Scan

The Practical Do's and Don'ts of Occlusion

Riaz Yar.jpg

Prof Riaz Yar - T-Scan

To Restore or To Rehabilitate? How T-Scan Aids in Comprehensive Restorative Care


Dr Dilan Abdah - Lasers

The Laser Experience - How I Use Laser to Help My Patients



Dr Diyari Abdah - Lasers

12 Tips On How To Improve Your Implant Outcome With Lasers!

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