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As the sole agents for the T-Scan™  in the UK, Clark Dental Sales has years of experience introducing this key dental tool to dentists aspiring to be at the top of their game in the UK. The T-Scan™ is an objective assessment tool used to evaluate the occlusion of a patient. Unlike articulating paper alone, which can only determine location, T-Scan™ can identify both force and timing, two of the most fundamental parameters for measuring occlusion

Dr Mark Becker T-Scan User

"First case today. Patient was having an uncomfortable bite on RHS and I could not locate! A few minutes with T-Scan and 20 sec adjustment and she felt great! So happy…made my day."


Mark Becker BChD BSc (hons)

Chase Lodge Dental

How does it work?

T-Scan Software 

The T-Scan measures each individual contact during the patients bite and displays force balance information.

The T-Scan shows vital occlusal data that Shimstock paper cannot answer alone such as:


First contact,

Maximum force,

Last contact, 


Warnings loads on implants

And more...

  • Customisable arch for accurate representation of the patient's specific arches saves time and allows dentist to easier correlate the data to the mouth

  • Clinician can view the data real time as it’s captured, avoiding the need to re-record if done improperly 

  • Implant Loading Alerts provides immediate feedback on implant loading that may be a concern, preserving artistry and protecting bone

  • Center of Force (COF) Target and Trajectory allows dentist to instantly see the path of occlusion, resulting in faster diagnosis

  • Utilise the Timing Table to perform discrete tooth comparisons without the need for hand calculations, saving valuable diagnostic time 

  • Easily prepare presentations and referrals by generating and saving T-Scan MP4 movie files

  • Tooth numbering: Universal, FDI/ISO, Palmer, Haderup


T-Scan Ink Spot Challenge


295 dentists were presented with images of 6 quadrants marked with articulating paper. They were instructed to name the most forceful and least forceful areas based on the articulating paper marks.


An average of 12.8% answered correctly

An average of 87.2% answered incorrectly

Hover to reveal!

How would you know without the T-Scan?!

T-Scan Features & Benefits

  • Improve efficiency - save time and money by reducing repeat visits

  • Improved case acceptance - real time visual data for consultations

  • Digital data integration - integrates with digital impression overlays

  • Differentiate yourself - broaden your treatment capabilities and grow your patient base

How would the T-Scan fit into your practice?

Click the icons below to scroll through the many ways dentists are using T-Scan in their practices today and download information relevant to you!

T-Scan implants
T-Scan on denture fittings
Crown & Bridges
Initial Comprehensive Exam
Splint/Orthotic Therapy
Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy
TMD/TMJ & Headaches
Occlusal Analysis & Adjustments

Patients - you can find your local T-Scan user here!

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