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Why the new Axeos from Dentsply Sirona is the ultimate solution for hospitals and specialists

With Axeos, a new generation of imaging solutions has arrived. We understand that building a successful practice requires more than just the state-of-the-art technology. We believe progress comes from technology and people – working together seamlessly. To make a difference. It’s a difference to be felt not at some distant point in the future, but today, and every day that follows it. And you won’t feel this difference on your own, in a small X-ray room, but connected both to your entire practice and all of your devices. For the confidence and motivation of your whole team. For a better patient experience, and a big smile. The next generation of progressive imaging is here. It’s time for you to move on, and grow your practice. It’s time to experience the difference. Start now.

Features which bring our values to life

Clinical Confidence:

High quality and sustainable solutions designed to provide exceptional images to support greater reliability, when diagnosing, treatment precision and clinical safety.

• Fields of View Ø5x5.5 to Ø17x13 more possibilities for the practice

• DCS – Direct Conversion Sensor sharpness for fine 2D details

• Intelligent Low Dose 3D imaging in a 2D dose range

• High Definition Mode with a resolution of up to 80 μ m

• Optional right or left cephalometric arm can be retrofitted at any time

Smart Connectivity:

Smoothly integrated workflows, thanks to state-of-the-art digitalization, numerous planning applications and seamless workflow automation.

• Sidexis 4 Software smartly connected and offers a broad array of treatment opportunities.

• Integration into clinic and DSO networks through connectivity to PACS, RIS, DICOM Worklist and DICOM Printers. X-ray images according to the DICOM standard.

• Open interfaces Sidexis 4 is compatible with over 20 practice management software packages. The possibility to import DICOM, STL and CEREC data or export DICOM data allows for high flexibility.

Exceptional Experience:

Individual, innovative design and ease of use support the practice team to work more efficiently, to reduce sources of error and provide a com - fortable patient experience.

• EasyPad intuitive use with self-explaining symbols

• PIA – Patient Positioning & Image Assistant smart height adjustment reduces waiting time for patients and unique auto-positioner for reproducible image quality

• Integrated Cabinet with Ambient Light for accessory storage

Key differences that set it apart from the rest?

- NO STITCHING - The Axeos has a large enough sensor that there is no need for stitching, resulting in a 14 second exposure time as opposed to 30-40 seconds.

- IMAGE QUALTIY AT LOW DOSE - Low dose is increasingly important under the ALARA principle. Dentsply Sirona have committed themselves to achieving the best image quality with the lowest dose.

- DESIGN - Not for the first time, Dentsply Sirona have created a design whereby users and patients feel at ease. Easy access storage and drawers make everything accessible, whilst LED lights calm the patients.

- DON'T FORGET ABOUT 2D! - Yes this is a 2D machine too! The sharp layer technology is second to none, with a patented direct conversion sensor, you are guaranteed to achieve the best image every time.

Contact us for more details: to request a quotation

01270 613750

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