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Why is it important to find a trusted supplier and what sets Clark Dental Sales from the rest?

Dental supply companies are very important to dental clinics as they determine success for a dental clinic in the long run as it’s impossible to operate without high quality, reliable and comfortable equipment for both the clinicians and the patients.

There are a range of key differences which set some dental supply companies above the rest. As with Clark Dental Sales, not only do we supply quality equipment from quality manufacturers but we also provide installation, training and support to ensure you get the most out of your equipment.

Trusted Brands

It is not only wiser but also practical to pick a dental equipment supplier who offers you trusted brands instead of just trying to sell out any new equipment.

When it comes to your clinic and your patients; you don’t want to do many experiments or tests and want to ensure the equipment you choose will give you the guaranteed results you need.

Keep an eye out for dental equipment suppliers who are ready to give you packaged deals. With a packaged deal from a trusted brand, you can do all your transactions in one go which is economical in terms of both money and time.

Clark Dental Sales has agencies for the best quality brands on the market, including Dentsply Sirona, Kavo, Aidec and Tekscan.


Training is a key aspect of a safe and efficient dental office, but we often have customers approaching us with equipment they have not been trained to use which has resulted in many of them feeling frustrated. The products dentists purchase are vital for the quality and care for their patients which makes training vital.

At Clark Dental Sales, we make sure that our customers receive full specialised hand overtraining as part of the purchase and we always make sure that we are contactable for any future queries.