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Why the Nomad Pro 2 handheld x-ray device should be the flagship product for every practice

‘Stay with your patient, move to the future’ is the Nomad motto, and is exactly how we see it interacting with the dental market at this time. The Nomad was first released in America and later introduced to the UK by our very own Managing Director, Richard Beal, and has since pioneered the world of dentistry handheld devices.

What makes the Nomad Pro 2 different?

The Nomad is independent of anything else on the market as it is the most tested hand-held unit, and is widely used in a multitude of professions including dentistry, the armed forces, and even car manufacturing, as Porsche uses the Nomad to check intricate parts in its engine during the manufacturing process, which highlights how quality produces quality.

Unlike wall-mounted units, the Nomad handheld device offers dentists the freedom and flexibility they need and there’s also no need to purchase three wall mounted units for your practice. We frequently have customers purchasing one Nomad to share between a multiple surgery practice, too.

Positioning is also made simpler - simply position the patient, point and shoot. We feel that it’s important that dentists don’t leave the room during exposure in today’s dentistry as it’ll put your patients at ease. Often dentists will tell their patients to ‘hold still, this is perfectly safe’ while they leave the room to fire their wall-mounted unit, leaving patients feeling anxious. Whereas the Nomad reassures nervous and young patients. With the intraoral sensor, you can have an image acquired in a matter of seconds.

Why should you invest in the Nomad Pro 2?

Dentists often encounter a few barriers when it comes to investing in a handheld unit, with the biggest one being the reluctance to change. Many of our customers had been using wall-mounted units for many years and were used to a certain workflow, but the ability to change this can open up many possibilities.

Cost is also a very important issue to consider, especially during the current COVID landscape. When considering cost, how does the Nomad show up against wall mounted units? Although the initial cost is slightly higher than a typical wall-mounted unit, the ongoing price is where the savings will be made, as the Nomad Pro 2 does not require any servicing and batteries can last up to 5-6 years if looked after as instructed.

The Nomad Pro 2 has been the leading product in handheld radiography for years and is a solid investment for any practice, not only for the results it produces but for the precious time that has been saved by clinicians.

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