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ICX Renew Shock Treatment

ICX Renew Shock Treatment 

Introducing ICX Renew: A-dec’s custom-formulated dental unit waterline (DUWL) shock treatment! 

Designed without harsh chemicals to work in harmony with A-dec chairs and ICX water treatment tablets, ICX Renew provides the dental team with an easy to use waterline maintenance protocol.


The small diameter and low flow rates of dental unit waterlines (DUWL) can result in water that’s densely populated with microorganisms. When these bacteria levels exceed the established water quality action level of 100/200 CFU/ml, it’s time to shock the waterlines.

A crucial step in DUWL maintenance (MAINTAIN, MONITOR and SHOCK), ICX Renew was formulated to clear deposits and remove odour and foul-tasting bacteria.


How to use it

Just mix the two-part solutions together into an empty water bottle, run through the lines, and soak overnight. After completing the shock treatment, flush the lines with water and resume regular use of ICX® Waterline Maintenance tablets.  


Benefits of ICX Renew

  • Penetrates and removes the build-up of odour and foul-tasting microbial contamination bacteria
  • Blue colour lets you know the solution is hard at work in the waterlines
  • Non-corrosive and gentle on equipment
  • Will not corrode or clog waterlines
  • Odourless formula


** 12 months shelf life

ICX Renew Shock Treatment

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