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RFT3 - 17mm Radial Firing Tip (Pack of 10)

Complete laser treatment for root canal therapy, including access, cleaning and shaping, and disinfection after endodontic instrumentation.
99.7% reduction in bacterial counts in only 2-3 minutes of treatment time, compared to 20-30 minutes with conventional NaOCl.
Bacteria CFU's (E. faecalis) 2.86 times lower than most effective NaOCl.
Reduces risk of re-infection and conserves tooth structure in a minimally invasive technique.

For use with MD Gold Handpiece only.


Laser: Waterlase iPlus, Waterlase MD, Waterlase Express
Indication: Root canal preparation, cleaning and sterilization, pulp removal
Diameter: 300 µm
Length: 17mm

Single Use

RFT3 - 17mm Radial Firing Tip (Pack of 10)

SKU: 7200822

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