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New Dentsply Sirona Axeos CBCT


The most versatile 2D/3D unit with a big field of view and outstanding image quality for practices with a wide treatment spectrum. Developed together with dentists and clinicians, Axeos provides the fullest range of functions out of all Dentsply Sirona extraoral X-ray machines.

4 Volumes - More Options

Volume sizes now range from 5x5.5 to 17x13 to increase the number of options disposable to the dentist 

Dentsply Sirona Axeos
Dentsply Sirona Axeos Patient Positioning & Imaging Assistant

PIA – Patient Positioning & Image Assistant

PIA is a 10-point concept for easy patient positioning and X-ray imaging and is primarily about two things: high image quality and comfort for the patient and the assistant. PIA is our 10-point concept for easy patient positioning and X-ray imaging. PIA focuses on high image quality and comfort of patient and user. The patented bite block technology, for example, automatically establishes the correct inclination of the patient's head, positioning the patient in the occlusal plane, partnering with the 3 point head fixation and firm handles to ensure stable positioning-limiting unnecessary correction scans.  

Improved Image Quality With DCS

The Direct Conversion Sensor (DCS) has redefined the standard of panoramic imaging. X-rays are converted directly into electrical signals – unlike conventional systems, there is no signal loss due to light conversion. This means an improved image information output for you. The result is images with a uniquely high level of sharpness – even at an extremely low dose.

Ambient Light

Axeos offers Ambient Light to make your patient experience as pleasant as possible: More than 35 colors create a pleasant, calming atmosphere for your patient and blends in perfectly with your modern practice look.

Dentsply Sirona Axeos LED Lights
Dentsply Sirona Axeos

Cephalometric Imaging

Axeos offers the capability to install a cephalometric arm at any time. And to be sure it fits in your x-ray room, the arm can be mounted either on the right side or left side of the unit.

Ceph programs that cover all orthodontic needs

Using a dedicated sensor, you get lateral and symmetrical p.a. or a.p. as well as carpus images. For displaced teeth, you can also use 3D x-rays to determine their exact location.

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