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Orthophos E

Get started in digital imaging

The sound 2D x-ray unit providing a smooth entrance into the world of digital imaging. Thanks to CsI sensor technology and its easy to use interface, you are ensured reliable diagnostics every time. The cephalometric option also makes the Orthophos E a reliable partner for orthodontics. Enrich your practice with a wide range of services that are only possible with digital imaging.

This solid 2D X-ray unit provides a smooth entrance into the world of digital imaging. And with its optional ceph arm, it also makes for a reliable partner in orthodontics.

Sharp and autofocused images

Even in anatomically difficult cases with the 2D CsI sensor with autofocus function

Safe and proven patient positioning

With motorised temple and forehead support, automatic temple width measurement, light localisers and sturdy handles

Ceph arm on the left or right

For ceph images, can be ordered as an option or can be retrofitted at any time

Maximum consistency and reproducibility

Thanks to automatic patient positioning with the patented occlusal bite block

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