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T-Scan Novus Core

Digital Occlusal Analysis System for General Dentistry

T-Scan Core

Affordable Digital Occlusal Analysis System for General Dentistry

T-Scan Novus core software with dentist and patient

Digital Occlusal Analysis For General Dentistry

T-Scan Novus Core is a cost-effective, introductory system for dentists beginning to integrate digital occlusion into their practice. It provides dentists with essential occlusion data that cannot be captured with analog occlusion detection methods, like articulating paper

  • Enhance patient education, satisfaction, and retention

  • Reduce costly repeat visits and remakes

  • Enable a more confident, proactive approach to patient care


Static and Dynamic Analysis

  • Visualize your patient’s occlusion to see premature contacts, heavy forces, and force distribution over time.

  • Identify high forces on specific teeth by observing tooth force percentages

  • View digital occlusal data on the upper arch to see how forces meet as the patient occludes.

  • Use individual T-Scan contact data points in conjunction with articulating paper marks to identify exactly where to adjust

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View an educational video below

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