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Lasers - The Future of Dentistry?

Dentistry is gradually moving towards providing relaxing, pain-free and more precise dental treatment.

Gone are the days when you had to suffer pain and trauma during and after a dental treatment. With the advent of Dental Lasers, dental treatments are more comfortableand healing is accelerated.

Lasers have been used in dentistry for the past few decades but it’s only in the last few years where technology has arrived so that dentists are confident they can offer a superior dental experience to all their patients.

Owing to its highly specialised skill requirements, not every practice can provide laser treatment.

Biolase are the world leading laser manufacturers and are supplied in the UK solely by Clark Dental Sales:

Diode Laser (Soft tissue laser)

  • Frenectomies

  • Gum Contouring and other Soft Tissue Surgery

  • Pain relief and treatment of TMJ

Waterlase Laser Technology (All tissue laser)

  • Filling and Tooth Preparation

  • Children’s Laser Dentistry

  • Root Canal Treatments

  • Gum Disease / Periodontal Treatments

  • Dental Implants

  • Soft tissue surgery

The lasers are used for diagnosis, treatment and for healing.

  • In Diagnosis, lasers are helping to detect tooth decay much earlier

  • In Treatment, lasers are used in place of a scalpel or a drill. The laser light has healing properties to reduce swelling, to encourage faster healing and bone and tissue growth.

Why you should consider laser treatment compared to traditional treatment:

  • Laser dentistry does not involve any pressure, heat or vibration resulting in little or no discomfort.

  • Negligible or no anesthesia required for laser fillings

  • Lasers are highly precise resulting in less enamel being removed in fillings, smaller incisions in surgery and improved aesthetic results in gum contouring

  • Less bleeding/swelling compared to traditional dentistry

  • Faster recovery post-treatment with patients often reporting little or no discomfort.

  • Highly effective in periodontal treatment

One of the most exciting outcomes from using laser dentistry throughout the practice is the effect it’s had on more nervous and dental phobic patients. Dental Phobia is a real issue for many dental patients and fear of dental pain means people of all ages are reluctant to visit the dentist regularly which often means more dental problems await further down the line. Once experienced, laser dentistry has the power to dissipate even the most nervous patients’ fears of the dentist. It’s remarkable to witness the change in a nervous dental patient after laser dentistry and, as a forward-thinking dental practices, potentially hugely rewarding for dentists and staff to make such a big difference to patients’ lives.

If you would like to find out more about the Biolase lasers, please contact us below

01270 613750

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